Spotlight on Kaltura

July 22, 2022

It was just over two years ago (on July 1, 2020) that RTL introduced Kaltura to the campus. (For those who aren’t quite sure about what Kaltura is: it’s the campus video management platform, and it surfaces in bCourses as Media Gallery and My Media.) The platform has been used extensively since then to create, save, and share video content: Kaltura content has been added to over 5700 course sites, and close to 3 million hours of Kaltura content has been viewed. Of course, those numbers don’t tell us how well Kaltura is working for academic users, and...

Back-to-Campus Workshop Series

Digital Learning Services (DLS) and the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) are hosting this workshop series that highlights how to transition back to campus while integrating the best aspects of remote instruction into your in-person courses or continuing to teach remotely.

Summer 2021 Remote Instruction Workshop Series

These virtual workshops will focus on considering how to (re)design your course or section to increase student learning, create engaging audio and video materials, and use campus tools to record those materials.

Add Lectures to Weekly Landing Pages

Add Lectures to Weekly Landing Pages

When adding lectures, ensure consistency in your layout so that students can follow a pattern; make a statement when you deviate from it. This will increase ‘findability’ and reduce time lost on tasks and frustration levels (Simunich, et al., 2012). bCourses Pages can be used to create a pattern layout for your units of study.

In the Core Template

Week 1 is set up in the page format in the template. You are welcome to edit the layout to create your pattern and designated space for your lectures.

How to Add Your...