BerkeleyX FAQ

What does a typical BerkeleyX course look like?
You can check out any course for free by visiting our BerkeleyX catalog(link is external), creating an edX account, and enrolling in any course as an auditor for free. We strongly encourage anyone interested in MOOCs to explore a few sample courses. A typical course includes video content, text or readings, discussion forums, and quizzes or other interactive assignments to assess learning. The design and use of course materials vary widely depending on the topic, approach, and goals of the instructor. Interested in learning more? Our BerkeleyX team can help you figure out the best approach for your subject, and help you implement that vision.

What does it cost to develop and run a course on edX?
While there is no charge to offer a course on the edX platform, there is typically a significant time and effort associated with course development and operations (course facilitation), both of which might incur expenses. Digital Learning Services provides fee-for-service packages around course development that includes project management, instructitional design and media production. If you would like to learn more, please contact sends e-mail).

What support is there for developing a BerkeleyX course?
Based in Digital Learning Services, the BerkeleyX program provides support for the launch and operations of edX courses. However, the design and facilitation of courses is typically handled by the sponsoring department/program. If needed, Digital Learning Services does provide fee-for-service support for Instructional Design, Media Production, technical build out, and Accessibility. To learn  more, please visit or contact sends e-mail)

Can I make money with an edX course?
The motivation for many participating UC departments/units is to expand the reach and impact of their education programs; however, edX programs also earn money from learners who enroll in the optional paid certificate track. EdX revenue is shared with campus departments/programs, which then decide how to split revenue with instructors and other stakeholders. If you are interested, we can help you determine the market for your idea.

Interested in working with BerkeleyX? What is the first step?
Get in touch with the BerkeleyX team! Faculty are encouraged to reach out to sends e-mail) if they'd like to discuss an idea for a BerkeleyX course. Our staff is available throughout the year to consult with faculty or other departmental staff who are interested in doing a digital learning project. We will walk faculty through the various options for executing projects, and explain our support models, funding, and how to submit a proposal. Even if you do not end up creating a MOOC, we can refer you other platforms or service that may be a better fit for your ideas.

What is Edge? And what is the difference between edX and Edge?
Edge is the edX platform offered to the institution to develop courses in a closed or restricted environment (e.g., students participating in a campus course), whereas courses offered on are typically open for anyone who is interested.