Instructors Getting Started

Start of Fall 2022 Updates!

  • Updated Ideas to Outfit Departmental Spaces: We are continuing to test equipment and offer consultations to instructors and departmental staff to enhance the teaching experience in a variety of spaces that may not have installed technology to support your desired mode of teaching. Please visit the Departmental Spaces page for details.

Instructional Equipment Checkout Guidelines

  • We only provide equipment checkout to instructors teaching during the time he/she is checking out the equipment
  • The equipment should only be used for academic use
  • For the safety of users and/or the welfare of equipment, usage restrictions may apply

Note: We do not provide equipment delivery.  If you require delivery assistance or if you do not fall under our qualification practices, please contact Berkeley AV for a quote or check the off-campus options at the bottom of this page.

Submit an Online Reservation

Submitting an Instructional Equipment Request is the easiest way to let us know what you need and when you need it.

  • DeCal Student Instructors will need a Faculty Sponsor to submit the request.
  • Assistive Technology equipment is available for use by instructors and departments free of charge.
  • All equipment reservation requests will required a Class Number. If you are providing instructional activities outside of a UC Berkeley course context, please include a description of your activities for review.
  • Non-course related reservations are not accepted at this time.  For other alternatives please check out the bottom of this page.

Once our team has reviewed your request, we will contact you for questions or confirm via email.

Checkout Limitations

  • Subject to availability
  • 2 business days to confirm equipment availability
  • Walk-in requests are accepted but limited to availability

Picking up your Reserved Item

  • Equipment will be ready for pick up on the date listed in your confirmation email
  • Please allow some extra time for our team to review the content of your request and provide equipment usage training if needed
    • Our Help Pages also provide additional information on equipment usage and set-up
  • Any equipment not picked up by the end of next business day will be canceled without notice

Returning your Checked-Out Items

  • Equipment should be returned by the agreed return date
  • Please make sure all parts of the equipment are returned to avoid extra trip

Tips to Make Check-Out and Check-In Easier

  • Include setup and breakdown time in your reservation request so we can plan the reservation to include those time for you
  • Submitting the request with your @berkeley email address will make the verification process a lot faster
  • If you are designating another person to pick up the equipment, please provide their name to us ahead of time
  • Check out our Equipment Usage Knowledge Base to learn how to best operate and handle the equipment
  • Please let us know as soon as possible if you are experiencing problem with the equipment; we may be able to provide an exact or comparable replacement
  • For returning small equipment via our mail drop, it’s always a good idea to attach a post-in with your name on it

Non-Instructional Equipment Rental Options

Student groups may use installed AV equipment in general assignment classrooms free of charge. However we do not provide portable equipment rental to student groups.

Please contact ASUC Event Services, Berkeley AV, or Off Campus alternatives (see below) for equipment rental options.

To reserve a technology equipped classroom for an event please contact the Office of the Registrar.

Off-campus equipment rental alternatives