Zoom for Instruction

About Zoom for Instruction

"Zoom for Instruction" provides workshops, consultations and other support for Berkeley instructors using Zoom. Zoom for Instruction also helps instructors access and use Zoom Webinars and Zoom Pro for official classes with more than 300 students. 

In addition to supporting live lecture streaming, Zoom can also support many other instructional scenarios, including interactive video, video recording (on-demand, asynchronous viewing), and active learning (polling, breakout rooms, whiteboards/annotations, screensharing, etc.). Zoom is  integrated with bCourses

More About Zoom for Instruction

Webinars & Zoom Pro for Large Classes

Teaching a class with more than 300 students? Please email zoom-help@berkeley.edu to find out more about our support for large classrooms using zoom pro or webinars.

Get Help with Zoom for Instruction

Zoom Helpdesk for Instructors

RTL offers a drop-in virtual helpdesk(link is external) (Zoom meeting link) for UC Berkeley Instructors from 8:00am-5:00pm, Monday-Friday.